The Fundamentals of a Webinar

An Overview

Mohit Gupta will guide you on the basics of a webinar, and also guide you on how to choose a good platform.

Free session – Date to be announced 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm

We will show you how some platforms fare.

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Good Program for:
  • Small startup businesses
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Sales People
  • In-House orientations
  • Top executive addresses

You know you can do it free for 1000 people?

Program Bonus:
  • We will share the name of the platform which supports up to 1000 participants free
  • It also is used for voice conferencing with in-country dialing for 70+ countries
  • International participants can join
  • Allows presenter mode
  • Can be used for Webinars and also for webcam based Video conferencing


Buy the training here:

Webinars – A Great Free Platform


  • Immediate access
  • Learn to register for free
  • Learn fine points of how to setup
  • How to invite participants
  • Configuration options
  • Recording, Broadcast and transfer control

I have used this for 175 participants with success